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Acute alopecia in winter: why it occurs and what to do

Why hair falls out particularly easily in winter and what you can do about it

Seasonal hair loss

Scientific studies show that intermittent hair loss is not a disease or unusual. In an extensive study, Professor Trüeb from the University of Zurich proved that there is a so-called seasonal hair loss . Therefore, the right hair care is particularly important in the cold season.

The hair growth cycle

Your scalp has around 100,000 hair follicles , each with a hair root. These hair follicles develop in a 3-phase cycle . There is the anagen phase, which is the growth phase, which lasts about 3-6 months. This is followed by the catagen phase, also called the transition phase, which lasts a few weeks. And finally the resting phase, which is called the telogen phase. It lasts about three months. Human hair is dormant during the telogen phase, which usually begins in late summer and early fall.

Since the telogen phase coincides with many external factors (physical and psychological) in autumn and winter , the old hair actively falls out and only a few new hairs grow back . Because of the unequal ratio, the hair loss becomes more noticeable.

Various factors that are present in the cold season can favor this process. Cold, lack of oxygen, poor nutrition and depressive moods cause the hair to end its growth phase at an early stage.

But a lack of nutrients or "mechanical damage" can also promote the hair loss process. Mechanical damage is caused in winter mainly by tight hats and tight combing of already stressed hair.

Vitamin D deficiency as a cause of hair loss

The days are shorter and the hair gets less sunlight is the main reason why parting occurs. In addition, there is the human hormone balance, which also reacts to changes in the length of the day. These hormonal fluctuations can cause hair loss.

It was discovered during numerous studies that patchy hair loss (alopecia areata) often correlates with a low vitamin D level. Further studies from 2016 in India made the importance of vitamin D for healthy hair growth even clearer. A significant vitamin D deficiency was found in 81.8%(!) of the subjects with "normal" hair loss.

Since we mainly produce our vitamin D needs with sunlight and there is a lack of intensive light in autumn and winter, vitamin D deficits from October to February can be a possible cause of hair loss.

Cold constricts the vessels , which can impair the (scalp) blood flow and thus the supply of nutrients to your hair roots.

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What is important when it comes to healthy hair

If you're struggling with seasonal hair loss, your long-term focus should be on the health of your scalp because healthy hair starts with the follicle. This is exactly where the HaarTec Serum can help you.

The active ingredients in the HaarTec Serum not only directly strengthen the hair follicles in all seasons and help your hair to grow strong, dense and healthy, but also help to combat the particularly harmful factors that destroy the hair in the cold season .

Strengthens the hair follicle: The basis of the serum is Follicusan - an anti-hair loss active ingredient that restores the cells of the scalp, including the hair follicles, thus counteracting premature and accelerated hair loss.

Provides deep care and moisture: the natural oils contained in HaarTec are hypoallergenic and are recommended by trichologists as the most effective remedy for dry and brittle hair. Lavender and rosemary oils deeply nourish the hair and replenish cells destroyed by cold and dry air without weighing the hair down, while panthenol (provitamin B5) has a moisturizing effect.

Improves Blood Circulation and Ensures Healthy Blood Supply to Hair Follicles: Nettle extract and feather oil have a mild thermal effect that warms the scalp, thereby contributing to healthy blood flow to the hair follicles, which directly affects the strength of the hair roots, which are important in autumn and winter winter are quickly exhausted. Remember to apply HaarTec Serum with gentle massage strokes to get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

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Protects against mechanical damage: increased hair breakage is one of the biggest problems during the cold season. Nettle extract, panthelol and follicusan contained in the serum create a protective layer on the hair, which protects it 90% better from mechanical damage when brushing and wearing a hat.

Hair care tip - Good to know

In addition to using HaarTec Serum, we recommend avoiding brushes and combs with sharp edges and using combs with softer bristles or round tips instead. They do not damage the hair and gently massage the scalp, which has a positive effect on hair growth and health.

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